Philadelphia is more than the City of Brotherly Love, it’s the City of Doggie Love! So many historic attractions, trails, shops and restaurants are pet friendly. There are many amazing experiences you can only share with your pet in Philadelphia. My friend and host Ashley from the TV show Pets Welcome Here ( had an exciting Philly adventure. Ashley met an extraordinary Newfoundland named Barley, whose family owns the Chestnut Hill Hotel. Barley and his mom Lindsey were Ashley’s guides for a Dog’s Day Out in Philadelphia. If you’re in good shape, have a Rocky moment at the Museum of Modern Art as you run up those steps made famous in the movie. You can even check out the statue of Rocky next to the Museum. Ashley and Barley made the run. Wow. I never knew a Newfoundland could run that fast.

Want to sniff out some history? Almost all walking tours welcome dogs or you and your furry best friend can hop on the BigBus tour that welcomes all well-behaved pups on the upper level of their double deckers. Of course, you and your dog are welcome to explore Philadelphia on your own with self-guided tours as well discover nearby hiking and walking trails including the idyllic Forbidden Trail, so named because vehicles are forbidden on the trail, allowing people and pets to enjoy nature safely. What a concept!

Getting hungry? So many restaurants and shops in downtown Philadelphia are pet friendly. No wonder you see dogs and their people everywhere. Ashley and Barley met up with some of Barley’s doggie friends at a restaurant called Rouge in Center City. It’s a great place to dine on seasonal cuisine, get doggie treats and a bowl of fresh water and watch the downtown scene as people and pets go by.

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